It cannot be denied that the past year was all about “climate change” and “environmental protection”.

These topics are and will continue to be important in 2021. How do you introduce environmentally friendly solutions into your business step by step?

First, consider which problems are typical for your industry and in which areas you can make real changes. Gastronomy, finance and clothing industries need completely different solutions. We’ll show you a few tips.

Business card? No thanks!

How often do you actually use business cards that you have been given? Probably once at most to save a phone number. Today you can create virtual business cards to replace traditional ones. They can be sent via SMS or email without wasting paper.
We say goodbye to traditional advertising materials!

Advertising materials with company logos are mostly unnecessary. Your customers will surely get dozens of pens & co. Every year. This way you don’t stand out from the competition. In the digital world, advertising can be made much more environmentally friendly. Rely on the Internet. An aesthetic website and a well-considered social media presence can work wonders. No waste is produced in the process.

Other tips

Plan ahead for purchasing office supplies use durable products that can be used for years, e.g. use mannequins made of ecological materials in the clothing industry that reduce the carbon footprint. Replace plastic bags with cloth bags
do without disposable cutlery.

The ecological approach is becoming more and more important with each subsequent year. Consumers’ habits are changing significantly with increasing social awareness. They are also followed by the legal requirements of individual countries. Try to keep abreast of legislative changes.

It is also worth following the trends and moves of your competitors regarding changes to reduce the impact of businesses on the environment. Sometimes it is worth learning from the mistakes of others instead of your own.


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